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meli melo strongly believes in using only the highest quality materials

The creative journey for meli melo bags starts about nine months prior to the debut of the new collection. Melissa begins designing each new style with great attention to detail, often adding specific cultural features to her pieces as she discovers them. Sometimes, a design can be years in the making. Inspiration can come from a distant memory or a subject that requires meticulous research before it can be realised in bag form. Like the wicker baskets of her childhood, many of Melissa’s sources of inspiration come from the past. Her keen eye for seeing functional objects and transforming them into uniquely fashionable pieces is what sets the meli melo collection apart from its competitors.


Melissa’s passion for quality design means that she goes out of her way to ensure the most exceptional craftsmanship goes into every collection. She also goes to great lengths to source the finest Italian Leather producers and high end tanneries, which provide the most vibrant of colors and suitable textures for the upcoming collections. The versatility and variety of the collections allow customers to have several options to choose from, according to their fashion taste and mood.


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