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Melissa's Easter Indulgences

Most of my family’s Easter traditions come from my mother.

As a child, I remember decorating hundreds of hardboiled eggs for my parent’s hotel in Lipari.

Using an array of colored dyes, sent over to the island from Germany, we would all hand-paint delicate patterns onto the eggs and write a unique message to go with each one.


Every year, my family would have a significant lead up to the weekend’s celebrations.

I would always give up chocolate, my favorite thing, for lent and I’d get to choose a beautiful new dress to wear on the Easter Sunday.

  We’d begin Easter Sunday by eating plenty of chocolate as it was the only time of year we were ever allowed to have sweet treats in the morning.

I would always receive an exquisitely wrapped Kinder egg; I still love the fine blend of milk and white chocolate, without forgetting the surprise inside.


After greeting each other with lots of kisses and well wishes, all of my family would gather with our friends to watch the town’s spectacular Easter procession.

Always powerful and memorable, each procession would be rich in vibrant colors and overwhelming blooms with white doves flying as symbols of peace.


Ahead of our Sunday lunch, my mother would invite over my Italian friends to experience our English Easter egg hunt tradition.

Seeing the excitement on their faces will always be one of my most treasured memories.

With this in mind, last year, I recreated some of my family’s Italian traditions and asked my daughter’s friends over for a playful day of egg-painting and afternoon tea.


I also organized an early Easter egg hunt for my family on the Sunday morning, before we celebrated with an Italian Easter lunch.

In the same way as when I was younger, overflows of ravishing flowers and delicious colomba cake covered our dining table, and our extended family joined us for the banquet.

This year, we will be celebrating Easter while skiing in Italy; I’m sure we will have even more fun searching for our Easter eggs through inches of snow.


My mother was always passionate about sharing the traditions of our culture and passing them down through generations.

For the love of her family, she created the most stunning memories for us.

I have found, since starting my own family, that having children elevates the need for such wonderful traditions.

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